Women leading change: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion

Women leading change: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion

A rare platform for discussion on climate change from the perspectives of women leading change in sport, health and safety, business and culture.

About this event

Moderated by Bank Australia’s Victoria McKenzie-McHarg – Climates hosted this incredible discussion on women leading change featuring:

● Chyloe Kurdas – Gender Equity, Diversity, Sport and Social Inclusion; AFLW Commentator

● Danielle Dal Cortivo – CEO, Asthma Foundation of Victoria and the ACT

● Kate Fitzgerald – Director of Relief and Recovery, Emergency Management Victoria

● Megan Flynn – Head of Environment and Carbon Strategy, Qantas

● Noemi Cummings – Regional Representative, Ethnic Community Council of Victoria

Debates about climate change are dominated by the perspectives of scientists, economists and politicians. While these views are clearly very important, we need to engage everyday Australians on climate change by exploring what it means for them.

It’s time we hear from members of society who represent the human side of climate change and how it might impact our communities. This will introduce fresh perspectives on what we can expect and what steps we can take to protect our rich cultural values.

Event broadcast

See the Facebook Live recordings for this full event.


“It’s mould from floods; it’s thunderstorm asthma events from all the pollen being in the air; it’s bushfires and the impact of that on respiratory health… What happens if we’re dealing with a number of these events at the same time?” Danielle Dal Cortivo