Micro Grants

What is the Micro-Grants Programme? 

The Climates Micro-Grants Programme allows community groups in the Pacific to fill small-scale gaps in funding to achieve their mission, and empower local communities to have a greater impact in the fight against climate change. 

Grants will be available to individuals, registered charities and small community organisations, and will have the objective of creating opportunities to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. Climates will not accept applications from businesses or for for-profit projects. 

How much funding can you get for your project/activity? 

The micro-grants programme is built on the idea of providing small cash grants that can be quickly and effectively distributed for community-scale projects. Grants of up to $1,000 AUD are available to community-based groups.

Who is eligible for funding?

The programme will prioritise applicants which are small, local organisations, or individuals with a purpose consistent with Climates’ vision. “Our vision is to see an empowered Oceania working together towards a sustainable future in the face of climate change”. Grants are available to individuals (e.g. involved in setting up a new project, activity or training) as well as community organisations with an annual income of less than $200,000 AUD. 

What are the selection criteria?

We will prioritise applications that clearly demonstrate the aim and strategy behind the project or activity. Your idea should seek to: 

  • Create support for capability-building which is likely to have long-term benefits to your community and the surrounding ecosystems
  • Provide funding for communities which may otherwise have limited capacity to mitigate or adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • Demonstrate a clear proposal that benefits your local community.

Note – we are currently reviewing our Pilot Round 1 of Micro Grants. Stay tuned for when we announce Round 2.

Grant selection criteria

The purpose of the Climates Micro-Grants Programme is to provide unrestricted grant funding to community groups in the Pacific to combat the effects of climate change. 

Climates wants to provide funding to community organisations for small expenses that traditionally are not funded by philanthropic organisations that prefer to fund larger scale projects. 

Climates has a two pronged approach that aims to empower local communities. Climates refers to these as Capability Building and Climate Resilience.

Capability Building 

Climates defines this as funding for small expenses incurred by community organisations. This includes costs for hosting seminars, attending training events, one-off costs associated with holding a conference or workshop. Essentially, it is funding for small costs that help your organisation achieve its objectives. 

Examples include:

  • Stipend for volunteers attending conferences
  • Costs related to attending training programmes
  • Small costs associated with running workshops
  • One-off purchases required to help deliver a programme/service
  • One-off purchases required to help apply for grants
  • Costs for website redesigns and other technology or software 
  • One-off costs to access internet/data
  • Insurance/travel costs for overseas travel

Climate Resilience

Climates defines this as funding for projects or activities that help your community prevent and respond to the physical impacts of climate change. This includes funds for disaster preparedness, ‘climate proofing’ physical infrastructure, funding for first aid training and small-scale conservation efforts. 

Essentially, it is funding for small costs that help your community prepare and respond to natural disasters associated with our changing climate.  

Examples include:

  • Community-based disaster preparedness funding
  • Workshops for disaster preparedness and prevention
  • First aid funding/training for organisations
  • Construction funding for damaged buildings
  • Funding of clean up costs associated with a natural disaster
  • Stipends for workers involved in clean up/construction projects
  • ‘Climate proofing’ buildings and infrastructure
  • Nature-based solutions or conservation efforts such as mangrove restoration

We ask that in your application, you refer to how your project relates to Capability Building and/or Climate Resilience.

Climate justice is a core principle of our work. We want to support initiatives that are inclusive with regard to gender, age, race, disability and class. Applications that support inclusivity will be favoured. 

A key objective of Climates is to decolonise decision-making. Climates will assess applications with the help of people from Pacific communities as part of our Pacific Grants Advisory Group.