NGO Support Services

Climates offer two free services remotely to our partners. These are the Editing and Proofreading serviceand the Research and Literature Review service, which seek to support capacity-building in the Pacific without competing with or duplicating the important work that our NGO partners are already doing.

Who can access these services? 

Climates’ services are available to all community groups, not-for-profit, or civil society organisations in the Pacific, and in particular those organisations which have a focus on climate resilience.

Climates will provide services to strengthen a wide range of documents, including but not limited to grant applications, research reports, policy proposals, and information communication and educational materials. Documents do not have to be directly related to climate resilience, provided this forms part of the organisation’s objectives.

Editing and Proofreading Service

The Editing and Proofreading Service consists of English language editing and proofreading of documents such as grant applications, policy submissions and reports. To ensure our partners retain control of their stories in any documents we review, our role will focus on proofreading, rather than making major edits or rewriting which may change the flow of the narrative. Climates’ volunteers will be sensitive to if and when we suggest changes to the narrative or the content to ensure we are not losing the meaning intended by the community, and to ensure partners retain control of their narratives.

Climates aim to offer a 7 business day turnaround on proofreading documents.

Research and Literature Review Service

The Research and Literature Review Service seeks to build the capacity of our Pacific partners to access and utilise academic literature by conducting research to support proposals, reports, or applications. In providing this Service, Climates’ role will be to provide evidence to support solutions identified by our Pacific partners, as opposed to these identifying solutions.

Climates will provide brief notes on how we conducted the research to allow partners to expand on this at a later time if required. This could include points such as how the volunteer conceptualised a topic, identified relevant keywords, performed searches, analysed search results for relevance, and refined or expanded the search.

Climates aim to offer a 10 business day turnaround for conducting research on a given topic, however, longer-term research support is also available where Climates has the capacity and resources to do this.

How do I access these services?

If you’re interested in accessing Climates’ services, email with:

  • A brief description of your organisational context, the intent of the document, and the services required;

  • As attachments, your document and any relevant guidelines or requirements that the document seeks to address.