Reshaping the private sector: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion

Reshaping the private sector: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion

Have we started to see a tangible shift in the narrative and action of the private sector on climate change?


About this event

Moderated by Bank Australia’s Victoria McKenzie-McHarg – Climates hosted a discussion on reshaping the private sector featuring:

● Paul Dobson, Asia-Pacific Sustainability Lead at Deloitte

● Adam Verwey, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Future Super

● Bianca Sylvester, Associate Director at the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Reshaping Private Sector - Panel

This panel explores how the financial sector is reshaping itself to respond to the global climate crisis. The discussion focussed on the forces that are driving recent changes towards decarbonisation, as well as those that continue to hold us back. See trailer video.

The Paris Agreement, next generation CEOs, customer preferences or cost savings – what is influencing commercial decision making? Does it matter whether environmental leadership is driven by profit or altruism? Can business lead government to adopt ambitious policies?

Reshaping Private Sector - Panel

Event broadcast

Since 2018, Climates has worked closely with Digital Storytellers and event sponsors to ensure all events are accessible to people right across Oceania. See the Facebook Live recording for this full event.

This event was hosted in Melbourne, Australia on 10 July 2018.


“In the clean energy sector, where there are obvious returns to be made… JP Morgan saw the returns that were possible from carbon markets, and they hired a team – within two years – of 600 people, and that was during the financial crisis. So where the returns are obvious, I think they have the capacity to change their business.” Bianca Sylvester