This platform aims to elevate Pacific voices and raise awareness of climate change issues and action in the region. One of our key objectives is to provide a platform for Pacific peoples, organisations and communities to share stories and increase the awareness of, and engagement with, Pacific perspectives on climate justice. If you have aContinue reading

Rarangaa taai aika ana roko – weave the days to come

Arti Chetty | Pacific Climate Warriors | July 2020 We are Pacific Climate Warriors (PCW), Kulin Nation based in Melbourne, Australia.  PCW are active in 18 Pacific Island nations and also in diaspora communities in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. We work closely with Pacific to fight for climate justice for ourContinue reading “Rarangaa taai aika ana roko – weave the days to come”

Tropical Cyclone Harold Fundraiser

In June 2020 Climates raised over $3,000 to help rebuild a Women’s Centre on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu, that was flattened by Tropical Cyclone Harold in April 2020. We partnered up with the Vanuatu Climate Action Network (VCAN) and environmental services organisation Green Wave Vanuatu to help raise money to support this affected community. By helpingContinue reading “Tropical Cyclone Harold Fundraiser”

Breaking News Updates

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Anote Tong Speaking Tour

In 2018, the former President of Kiribati visited Sydney and Melbourne for a series of inspiring live interviews and keynote addresses, supported by climates. “For us climate change is not an event in the future. It’s an event that we’re dealing with now…our entire survival is at stake”– Anote Tong Throughout October climates provided researchContinue reading “Anote Tong Speaking Tour”

Rise For Pacific Pawa Talanoa

In September 2018, The Pacific Climate Warriors, a branch of Pacific, hosted a panel in Melbourne. The sessions invited young Pacific people to explore and discuss cultural identity, connection to land, and community engagement from a diaspora perspective. The day was highlighted by two main panels, both of which were recorded and broadcast byContinue reading “Rise For Pacific Pawa Talanoa”