Intergenerational equity: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion

Exploring the ways our beliefs and values influence our concern and drive to act on climate change.

About this event

Moderated by Bank Australia’s Victoria McKenzie-McHarg – Climates hosted this incredible discussion on intergenerational equity featuring:

● Professor David Karoly, Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, CSIRO

● Joanna Lauder, Journalist, Hack on triple j

● Marco, Australian high school student-activist

● Jacynta Fa’amau, Melbourne Coordinator, 350 Pacific 

The actions of successive generations have led the world to a point of dangerous greenhouse gas concentrations. As global temperatures creep ever higher, young generations are feeling the pressure, and opportunities, of this inheritance. Our region is particularly susceptible to the first and worst impacts of climate change: from droughts in Australia to increasingly powerful cyclones that wreak destruction across the Pacific Islands.

How can each generation of Australians contribute to national and regional climate action, and help avoid climate-driven intergenerational inequalities?

This event was followed by a call-to-action from Gemma Borgo-Caratti, National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Event broadcast

Since 2018, Climates has worked closely with Digital Storytellers and event sponsors to ensure all events are accessible to people right across Oceania. See the Facebook Live recording for this full event.

This event was hosted in Melbourne, Australia on 10 July 2018.

“I am trying to talk to a lot more of my fellow youth. It seems to be an issue that is acknowledged – especially around my school – people are understanding it, but still there seems to be quite a bit of inaction. Maybe that is because – although we are seeing these changes – we’re not feeling the dramatic changes that are being felt by other places around the world.”

Marco – Australian school student

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