Faith, spirituality and values: fresh perspectives in the climate discussion

Exploring the ways our beliefs and values influence our concern and drive to act on climate change.

About this event

Moderated by Bank Australia’s Victoria McKenzie-McHarg – Climates hosted a discussion on faith, spirituality and values featuring:

● Dr Anne Poelina, Madjulla Inc

● Reem Sweid, Muslim Collective

● Reverend James Bhagwan, Fiji Council of Churches

Reflecting on a range of religious denominations as well as Indigenous Australians’ spiritual perspectives, this event explored the ways our beliefs and values influence our views of the climate crisis.This event also featured an introductory discussion between Tejopala Rawls (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change) and Nala Taukilo ( Pacific).

Faith and Spirituality - Pre-Event

Event broadcast

Since 2018, Climates has worked closely with Digital Storytellers and event sponsors to ensure all events are accessible to people right across Oceania. See the Facebook Live recording for this full event.

This event was hosted in Melbourne, Australia on 23 October 2018.

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